creativity better than criticality?

“love” apply to business?

motivation matter?

have rules?

The importance of context
depends on what we want to accomplish.

Context: The parts of
a written or spoken statement that…usually influence its meaning or effect…

Is our goal to open discussion or to close debate? 

Are we provoking thought
or lecturing?

I often leave detailed
context out of my posts for several reasons.  

By definition context is
limiting. To hear how different people
interpret the meaning of a concept – less context is more inviting. It’s one way to give you the keys
to the blog

Providing context also takes
time, and more importantly, valuable real estate! I prefer to keep posts under a certain

Context can sound
apologetic. Often when I attempt to add
context I started to feel as though I’m making excuses for my opinion or
backing away from taking a stand. 

So – is context important?

It all depends on your goals!