I wasn’t going to post
anything else before Christmas, but Bob Sutton’s list of ten
things that he believes
about people and workplaces is too good not to pass

Many of the items on the
list will make you nod your head and say “of course”.  

That’s because I believe
most of you are people that do your best to respect others, try to create or
foster humane and creative workplaces, and maintain an open mind.

Good for you (and the
people that work with you)!

But, one item on his list was
surprising to me. 

It wasn’t until I thought
about it that it made sense and seemed to earn its spot on the list (at the honorable
place of #2!). 

“Indifference is as
important as passion.” 

I’m not sure why Bob put
this one on the list, but here’s my interpretation.  

Passion can make you too
close to something.  

We all need to be able to
step back and disconnect. In order to
see flaws in the plan, respect the input of others, and maintain an open mind,
a little indifference can go a long way. 

One other thing, too many
disrespectful actions are explained away by passion. It’s as if passion can be the get-out-of-being-called-a-jerk-free card.  

Passion is NOT a license
to steam roll everyone in your path!

Thanks, Bob – for a
holiday “ah ha!”

UPDATE 12/26: Bob explains some of his thinking about indifference.