I believe that good
management, at any level, is transferable between companies and industries.  

In fact, I believe that
pulling in leaders and managers from industries other than your own may
actually increase your likelihood of success. 

They can help foster innovation,
change, and cross-pollination of ideas!  

The qualifying term here
is “good”. 

What I’ve seen all too
often is executive management that comes in to a company from another industry
without any desire to listen
before they attempt to apply their experience

They only have the desire
to tell. 

Tell people what they have

Tell people why their
way is the only way

Tell people why the
current products and services are mediocre. 

Tell people why the
current processes are inefficient. 

That is not GOOD

Good management listens,
learns, and adapts. 

Good management shows
people respect and is open to perpetuating the value that exists in an

Good management creates
leaders, liberates “doers”, and helps everyone open their minds to the

Good management ultimately
enables organizations to change – even radically. 

Previous industry
experience is not required.