To celebrate Successful Blog’s first birthday, Liz
Strauss is having a party
(and Liz has GREAT parties!). The cost of admission is a 25 word
description of her blog: 

Successful Blog is about writing, learning, and
making friends.
Liz is known for sharing the keys to her community.
What would YOU do with them?

Happy Birthday, Liz!! 

PS – Here’s the other one
I wrote which I personally like better – but at 26 words it doesn’t get me in
the party. I hate rules.

I love to read Successful Blog.
I hope some day I’ll be one.
But If I can’t I won’t despair
I know I’ll always read one!

UPDATE: Eureka!  A birdie told me that if I just took out the "but" it would qualify as a 25 word entry!!!  Liz dear, if you’re out there this is now my official entry!!!