I started blogging one
year ago today

posts were longer
. My
paragraphs were longer

I had only one friend who blogged

I can’t believe how many
people I’ve met through blogging – all of whom have taught me something. 

Blogging has helped me
think through and expand ideas, develop new relationships, organize my
thoughts, and discover new perspectives.

There were times that I
thought I had run out of ideas and had nothing left to say (stop laughing if
you know me!). 

Now I believe that will never

There will always be
change in the world, in industries, and in organizations.  

There will always be
people choosing to make that change, needing to cope with it, or attempting to
capitalize on it. 

I want to find those
people and be here so that they can find me.

Stay tuned for year two
and thank you for coming by!