Today on Marketing Profs: Daily Fix, Mack Collier
wrote a brilliant account of how Universal Studios “gets it” in his post The
Spontaneous Marketing Campaign

He tells how a
representative from Universal Studios called Chris Thilk, who runs the blog Movie Marketing Madness,
to talk to him about the new Miami Vice movie. Chris’ blog is highly trafficked and well respected. 

“After Chris makes his
announcement that Universal has contacted him, bloggers run with the
Within 48 hours, upwards of 15 other
to MMM, Universal, and Miami
Vice. Effectively,
these bloggers had created a spontaneous marketing campaign for not only Miami Vice, but for Universal Studios. All
because one rep from one company was smart enough to take 30 minutes out of his
day to empower one of his advocates to market for his company.”

Looking through the
comments on the post is enlightening as well: 

“Part of the unseen,
untold story is that each of the bloggers involved (myself included) now has an
investment in the success of the movie.” (Mike Sansone,

“I shall go to see Miami
Vice as my show of support (and really don’t have any interest in so doing, but
support I must).” CK 

“Exactly. Last week I literally didn’t give a damned
about this movie, this week I am actively telling as many bloggers as I can
about Miami Vice, and how Universal reached out to ONE blogger.” Mack Collier

As Mack points out, “The
future belongs to the companies that are smart enough to empower their
communities to market for them

Is this something your
company is doing? Let us know!!!

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