Part of our
homework in participating in
Darren Rowse’s writing project
was to look at all of the submissions
(everyone wrote about their blogging goals, including
) and link to the ones we liked the best. 

There were 130
submissions. I admit that I didn’t read
them all in detail, but I read many and these were my six favorites:

Father’s Saloon – A Blogging Story
by Liz Strauss, for being a beautiful (and
perfectly titled) story. 

Being A Purple Cow by Hock Ng,
because Purple Cows are cool.

great changes comes great responsibility…
by Jennie Rosenbaum, because not
only did she do a great job, but she has to be a Spiderman fan with that title! 

By Tim Draayer because anyone who aspires to be a Fred
is all right with me!

I Don’t Keep This Blogging Goal, You Can Have My PEZ Dispenser
by Easton Ellsworth, because
I’d hate to see him lose his Yoda. 

And finally:

Boog Always Screws Up His Goals
by Jason Boog, because it was so original
and completely entertaining.