Wednesday, the Global Information Industry Summit (GIIS), started with a keynote by Hugo Dixon, Editor in Chief and Chairman of Breakingviews.com (BV), a fully electronic publication of real time financial analysis.

“For me content is indeed King,” says Hugo and he believes in charging for it.  BV sells team and enterprise subscriptions, can boast 5 million subscribers, and reports a 95% renewal rate the first half of 2008.

With a strong initial launch, early partnerships with newspapers, a commitment to recruiting and developing top talent, and now 8 years of consistent insights, Breakingviews.com has become a strong brand.

According to Hugo, BV’s strength is its commitment to producing “agenda setting insight.”

BV seeks not only to be first to offer their views, but they also value their subscriber’s time, remain independent, and try to be entertaining.

The key to BV success has been recognizing that the professional market is very different from the consumer market.  Professionals value quality AND they’re willing to pay for it.

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