This week I’ll be posting a bit about our
trip to London

It was very interesting to see what Starbucks
offers here in the way of sandwiches and pastries. Shortbread with chocolate chips is not
something I’ve seen at home nor is Salmon on a bagel. Egg and mayonnaise sandwiches are also not a
staple in the U.S.


We’re right near the Earl’s Court Tube Station
which makes it convenient to get anywhere. That is unless you’re going to Soho Square with a native in which case
you’ll tour Chinatown for quite a while before having to call for directions!

I was in three pubs tonight. I’m a lightweight, so that’s a personal
record. I fear it might be broken before
we head home.

It was great to meet Kevin Dixie, founder of Fuel My Blog.


We also got to meet up with Richard Charkin , CEO of Bloomsbury (publishers of Harry Potter!).


London Online starts