Every company, partner, and
individual with whom we interact has a personality.

They all have attitudes,
philosophies, and experiences that determine how they will react in different situations
(including how they react to change).  

In my experience the key
to having a satisfying and productive work experience is alignment.  

When our individual values,
skills, and style are in line with those of our company, clients, and partners,
we are likely to have a mutually beneficial relationship. 

When they’re not, we can
get very frustrated!

As Steve Farber has said,
“do what you love in the service of those who love what you do." 

But I have questions! 

1) No alignment
is perfect. When do you have enough?

2) Can you really
know the values of a person or company before working with them?

3) If everyone is
aligned, where does diversity fit in? How
do we innovate and change?

I’m going to take the next
few posts to tackle each of these questions.

Please chime in. I’d love to hear some varying perspectives.