Thanks to Ann Handley over
at MarketingProfs:DailyFix
I found my favorite quote of the week.

was comparing blogging to a cocktail party:

First off, the industry notables are going to get
mobbed at a party like this, and they definitely do in the blog world. Second,
they’re often not the most interesting people to talk to. Don’t you just get
kind of sick of the way people fawn over the who’s who? Treat everyone like a who.”
[Emphasis added.]

It seems as though the busier
or more focused we get the more likely we are to treat people as tools – a
means to our ends.  

This usually isn’t intended to be malicious or even selfish.

In our rush we jettison
the niceties – the actions which demonstrate to people that we think
they matter. 

Relationships take time.

Courtesy takes time. 

Respect takes time.

I have found that no
matter how busy I get, if I take the time to show that I value people, that
value is returned to me several times over.

Everyone IS a “who”!