Pennsylvania has a "Do not call" list.

I’m on it. 

I, like many people, hate
to be interrupted by solicitors. 

Why can’t we also have a
“Do Not Call On” list? 

It would make it off
limits for a business, political candidate, or religious organization to knock
on my door or approach my home if they haven’t been invited to do so. 

It’s been a tough couple
of weeks. I can’t rake leaves lately
without telling someone that I’m not interested.

When I want to learn more about your product,
service, candidacy, or religious beliefs, I’ll find you.  

I’ll find you and your
competitors. So spend your time and
money making sure you stand out. Be different
and compelling.

If you call me or knock on
my door when I haven’t invited you, I will likely never buy anything from
you or support your organization. 

There, now it’s back to
the leaves.

Wish me luck!