I haven’t posted in several weeks.

No posts. No links. Nothing new.

Yet my Feedburner subscriptions, page views, and
unique visitors each decreased by less than 8%. Why?

The biggest reason: Google (or more accurately,

Roughly 85% of my traffic on a weekly basis is
from search. For example, I wrote a post on passive
aggressive behavior more than a year ago and it still gets hits
every day.

The remaining traffic is from community. After years of meeting people, making
friends, and meeting colleagues, some people come by to check in and sometimes to
say hello.

Now I don’t write for the statistics. I like to share experiences, information, and
observations and then hear what others have to say. I do this to learn.

For me it’s reassuring that my stats stayed pretty
constant. It showed me that 2 years of
effort (my blogging anniversary is February 6th) has paid off with
some success in the search engines and, much more important, a network of fine friends
and colleagues.

But I wonder…

Do you know how people find you on the web? Do you know what they’re looking for?

Why are you in it? Is it paying off?

It’s nice to be back.

Forgive me if I’m a little rusty…