Chronos Hub and Delta Think have partnered to provide access to select open access benchmarking data via the Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool (OA DAT). This integration provides admins with seamless insights necessary to make continual, intelligent, data-driven decisions about Open Access.

“We’re excited to give organization administrators the opportunity to compare global statistics from Delta Think with their own organization’s actual data directly in Chronos Hub. For example, you can now benchmark the APCs you pay per journal and publisher with the global averages,” said Christian Grubak, CEO and Founder of Chronos Hub.

“The Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool helps organizations across the scholarly ecosystem make informed decisions about Open Access,” said Lauren Kane, CEO of Delta Think. “As such, we’re well-aligned with Chronos’ aims and delighted to share this valuable benchmarking data with Chronos Hub administrators.”

The partnership provides all existing Chronos Hub administrators with selected data from Delta Think’s OA DAT as a complementary service. Full access to the OA DAT is limited to Delta Think direct subscribers. For more information about this announcement or more information on how you can benefit fully from Chronos Hub and OA DAT, please reach out to or

Delta Think Open Access Data & Analytics Tool
The Delta Think OA DAT provides an independent overview of Open Access uptake, pricing, and impact through visual presentations of market trends supplemented by expert commentary. The OA DAT allows institutions, consortia, societies, publishers, and funders with the information they need to make informed decisions about Open Access. Learn more at 

Chronos Hub
Chronos Hub offers institutions, funders, and publishers a collaborative approach to streamline their open access publishing processes and reporting. Chronos Hub also provides a Journal Finder that guides authors on where to publish in ways that are compliant with the funders’ policies and in line with institutional agreements. Chronos Hub integrates with the main journal submission systems and publishers to ensure compliance, enable easy approval processes, manage invoices and APC payments, provide data analytics, and automatically report back to funders and populate institutional repositories.
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