I have a problem.

I believe things take less time than they actually
do. In my world, there’s always room for
one more errand, phone call, deliverable…

When this problem makes me very busy, I don’t
mind. I like being busy. It feels good to have a steady stream of
things I need to do.

When my problem makes me late, I do mind.

I hate being late.

I hate keeping people waiting.

So I’ve decided to take a proactive approach. Whenever there’s an appointment on my
schedule, I’m going to cut out the last two things I plan to do before that
appointment and resolve to be early.

If I’m heading to a meeting I can bring work with
me so that I can feel productive while I wait for the meeting to start.

I’ll tell you how it goes!

Status: It’s a slow start. I wrote this post as I was running out to
meet someone. I was late.  I’ll do better next time!

The cycle continues…