Yesterday Liz
and I went to the FOOA (Future of
Online Advertising) Conference
in the afternoon and the New York Mixer in the

It was quite a busy day.

We saw Chas Edwards
of Federated media at FOOA and we met several people at the mixer.
and Successful-Blog
both covered
some of the FOOA sessions

I’m embarrassed to admit that up until last night
I was confusing with and We met two people from Answers and I think I’ve
got it straight now.

Gina from told me about AnswerTips. “An AnswerTips-enabled page allows your
visitors to access definitions and fast facts on millions of obscure words,
personalities or slang.”

I thought we’d give it a try!

Double click on any word on any Manage To Change page and a small window
will open up giving you a definition (and its source).

There is no visual indication (other than the
icon on my sidebar) that AnswerTips is working – just pick a word and see what

Let me know what you think.