Have you ever experienced
writer’s block? 

What about manager’s block,
marketer’s block, or <insert your
profession here
>’s block? 

For me, a block is when I either
can’t get started on something, repeatedly do the same thing over again, or lose
track of what I should do next. 

It usually occurs when I’m
over-thinking, under-thinking, or generally uninspired. 

Working from home (and blogging)
has taught me a few strategies to break myself out of a rut. 

  1. Call someone. While I love speaking with just about anyone, I have several virtual colleagues that really get the blood flowing to my brain.
  2. Stream of conscious. Sometimes I try to refine my thoughts too early in the creative process and get stuck. When that happens, I’ve found that just getting my ideas on paper (or in Word), no matter how unorganized or random they may be, can get me moving along a productive path.
  3. Change scenery. Instead of working at my desk I work in a different room or go someplace public (with wifi, of course!). Or, I stop working and go take a walk  (often with my camera).
  4. Take a deep breath and look around. I try to find humor, excellence, or controversy in something that’s right in front of me!
  5. Exercise.

When all else fails, I completely
turn off. I pick a time when I’ll shut
down my computer and my brain for the day, no matter what I’ve accomplished,
and plan to start fresh in the morning.  

While none of these ideas
are rocket science, they seem to work for me.

What works for you?

I’m always interested in
expanding my repertoire!