Recently, several of my
colleagues have chosen to leave their full time positions and started out on
their own.

As with most things, I’m
sure they’ll quickly see that this arrangement has its benefits and its

The independence is great
– but sometimes you feel isolated.

The commute is short – but
sometimes you need a little more space.

The freedom is extraordinary
– but it can make it difficult to structure your day.

Seth Godin hit the nail on
the head for me. Agenda
has been my biggest adjustment.

If you’re just starting
out on your own, or if you’re having difficulty setting your agenda, ask
yourself these questions:

  1. Have you clearly defined the kind and amount of work you want?
  2. If you’re not doing that type, or amount, of work, why not? What needs to change? Your goals and your tactics are out of alignment.
  3. Do you have goals? If not, set them! How many business development calls should you make a day? When will you have your new marketing materials ready? Create metrics and give yourself deadlines. Then, take them seriously!
  4. Articulate your goals to someone else – perhaps you can employ the buddy system. You tell them your goals and you listen to theirs. Help keep each other honest. I have several buddies and they’re invaluable to me. I hope I help them too.

If you’re struggling with
your agenda, “formally” structure your day. What time of the day will you make calls? When will you work on projects? When does your day start and end? 

All the decisions are yours
to make.

What freedom – and what

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