I’m a big proponent
of personal development because learning is fundamental to change. 

However, sometimes
you can take personal development too far. You shouldn’t attempt to develop every skill or trait that you don’t possess.

Sometimes trying to
build aptitudes in too many areas can cause you to minimize your effectiveness
in the areas where you naturally excel.  

don’t interpret this as a license to stop learning!

just the opposite. It’s a call to consider
your potential and reach it by being self-aware and managing your development. 

Try new things
and see what “sticks”. What motivates
you? What makes you crazy? To what are you completely indifferent?

Are the skills or
traits that you tend to avoid or dislike necessary to your success? If so, can you develop them? Can you compensate for them? 

There’s an old
saying: “Bloom where you’re planted”!
But, always
remember that you’re not in the garden alone.  


1) Determine
where you excel and why.

2) Determine
if your skill set and character
traits are more often a benefit or a liability
in your current environment.

3) Identify
where you need to develop a skill or aptitude.

4) Identify
where you might be better off building a network.

5) Figure
out how to find and “enlist” people in (or outside of) your organization with
the skills and passions that complement yours!

6) Review
last post

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