How often do you think
people assume something won’t work, someone won’t be interested in what they
have to say, or they can’t get what they need, without ever asking anyone?

I think it happens a lot.

It could be finding a new
job, getting a promotion, negotiating a good price on something, or asking a
friend for a favor.

I’ve worked in
organizations that were very traditional command and control structures to the
point that they protected access to their executives.

I remember once many years
ago when a Director in accounting was amazed that I had met our CEO only two
weeks after he had started.

I was amazed that he was

I had a problem. It was rare in that it required the input of
the “top executive”, so I emailed him and asked if he had a few minutes.

He did and my issue was

I ultimately ended up
working for that CEO directly and had some of the most amazing experiences of
my career.

All I did was ask.

If you’ve unsuccessfully
attempted to get what you need and you haven’t asked the right people for
support, you don’t have the right to complain about it.

Go ask!

(…and, of course, be
willing to act)