Godin says the sales call is dying
. He defined the sales call as “…a meeting (in person or on the phone)
when a salesperson endeavors to sell something to a prospect, and where the
prospect is doing the salesperson some sort of service by being there.”

He feels that instead,
“we’re seeing the rise of the buying
call”. Someone has a need and they seek
to find organizations and products that can fulfill that need.

His premise is
that most organizations don’t have time to “politely listen to a sales call”
and most individual consumers aren’t willing either – unless they happen to
have that particular need.

My personal
anecdotal evidence supports this theory. No one (salesperson or buyer) has time to waste on unfruitful

In my opinion, building relationships has never been
more important.

How else will you know
if someone truly has a need for your service?

How else will you be prepared for their questions?

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