My laptop is dying. I did my research and placed an order with HP. 

The day after my estimated
ship date I got this email:

Due to production delays
we will be unable to ship your order on the
original estimated ship date.
The revised estimated ship date for your order is 3/5/2007 or no later than 10
business days from the original estimated ship date. If you prefer not to wait you may cancel your
order and receive a prompt refund…”

I called customer service.

I thought maybe they could
substitute the machine I ordered with something they had in stock.

first customer service representative (CSR) didn’t understand my request and transferred
me to CSR #2.

#1 didn’t tell me that I was being transferred. I just heard beeps and a long pause, and then a new person was on the
line asking me to repeat everything I had already told CSR #1.  

#2 tried to address my problem with the three scripts he had at his disposal before
transferring me to CSR #3 (to whom I had to repeat all of the details again).

#3 gave up and transferred me to a supervisor in the US, Charles.  

I was thrilled to get someone that might have the authority to work with me beyond
the confines of a predefined script.

me crazy, I still actually wanted to buy an HP! 

Charles cured me of that urge and I cancelled my order. He was arrogant and belligerent with me.

told Charles that it was a real shame that the customer service experience with
HP was so bad. That’s what happened with
Dell and they lost a lot of business.  

informed me that HP was getting lots of business from Dell and he wasn’t

He should be.

made jokes about my situation and even raised his voice when I asked him to refund
the accident protection insurance for which HP had already charged me. 

was no excuse for his behavior.

Charles finally decided to help me he said “I’m sorry honey, I’ll have this
fixed for you in a minute…"

Charles, you won’t!  

Dell is getting
better, and I do have my Dell guy, perhaps I’ll give them another try.