Drew McLellan wants to
know what
advice we have for new college graduates

What wisdom could we
(cough, cough) veterans offer to help new grads get off to a great start?

I think it’s a noble cause
and encourage you to visit Drew and add your perspective. I did.

But I’d like you to
consider this as well. 

What can we learn from the
new grads that will be in our midst?

They may have a different
outlook on life and on work than we do. 

They might not view
themselves as we view them.

They may have a lot to
learn. But we have a lot to learn too!

I could say that they’re
our future. They’re the future of our companies and the future of our markets, but
that’s only part of the story.

We’re part of the future

Understanding and valuing
generational and experiential differences will make us all smarter and

Neither youth nor
experience is the silver bullet.

We need

So please be open to, and
excited by, their contributions.

Guide them when you can –
but don’t be afraid to be guided by them as well.