Well this is it! We’re on the
last Concept
sense from Dan Pink’s book, A
Whole New Mind
– Meaning.

Meaning is purpose. It’s
spirituality. As Dan writes, referring
to a study done by the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of
Business, “Most of the executives defined spirituality in much the same way –
not as religion, but as “the basic desire to find purpose and meaning in one’s

People have come to expect more from their lives and their careers.  They want to contribute to their community,
participate in the lives of their family, or generally pursue a purpose greater
than collecting a paycheck.

They often have more things than they could ever need or use – so they
wonder, what’s next? 

Dan quotes Rich
, publisher of Forbes, as saying “Meaning. Purpose. Deep life experience. Use
whatever word or phrase you like, but know that consumer desire for these
qualities is on the rise. Remember your Abraham Maslow and your Viktor Frankl. Bet your business on it”.

As with the other senses, Dan includes a number of exercises and
resources to increase your sense of meaning. What I found most intriguing was the idea of walking a labyrinth. Dan spends some time in this chapter
contrasting a labyrinth with a maze and points out how labyrinths can be
centering and clarifying. I’m going to
find one and try this! 

Over the past few years, I’ve observed a good number of my friends and colleagues
change their careers or decide to pursue their career independently.

In fact, two more of them joined the ranks of us independents this
month. It seems as though they were
looking to align their careers more with their values.  

Sounds like meaning to me! 

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