Here are a few articles
that caught my eye today.

David Pogue of the New
York Times
did a comprehensive review of the new iPods and iTunes movie
download service.  Neat stuff! 

reported that there were 125,000 downloads, $1M revenue, in the first week
their movies were available on iTunes.

Yahoo reported that a slow
down in ad sales will impact their Q3
earnings and their stock
proceeded to fall by 11%
. This has some
if Google and others will follow. 

YouTube is trying to “make
nice” with copyright

Google is also running
into some copyright

Easton Ellsworth of
BusinessBlogWire has been reviewing
Fortune 500 corporate blogs
. If your
company is interested in blogging, Easton offers some great insights on what to do and what not to do.  He also regularly highlights resources that support blogging.   

Escape from
Cubicle Nation
by Pamela Slim often explores
the transitions we go through when becoming entrepreneurs. Today’s
was very insightful.

Matthew Stibbe of Bad Language points us to an
article in The Economist on in-flight briefings. This
is how they would sound if airlines were honest with us

received an angel investment of $1M

“The site has about
250,000 users (or 200,000 dogs, as the home page proclaims). Dogs, presumably
aided by their human companions, may register for free or premium accounts,
post photos, write in online diaries or use the forums to discuss issues from
health and obedience to fashion and movies.”

Yes, that’s right – a “social” network for dogs. There’s a and a too. I’m not kidding.