I must admit that this
summer has been crazy! I have been
busier both personally and professionally in the last several weeks than I have
in a long time. 

Aside from writing, and
consulting, and planning neat projects, I’ve also been training.

In September I’ll walk the
Susan G.
Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day
. We walk 60 miles over three days. I’ll be walking in Chicago.

I want to thank the
readers that have sponsored me in the walk – many of you have and I REALLY
appreciate it.

If anyone else is
interested in sponsoring me, you can do so at this
I’m still about $500 shy of my
goal and pre-event fundraising will end soon.  

While I have the
microphone, I also want to thank all of you for reading, commenting, and
sending me emails and ideas.

I find your interest in
the subject of change management very encouraging. All of you have made the last 7 months (my
blogging tenure) a rewarding education for me!

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to
our “regular programming”!